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Emergency Rooms Adapt for Patients with Mental Health Needs
08.13.2018 PSJH Network

There’s a new model for hospital emergency rooms and given the pressures on the health care system it appears to have arrived just in time. Most hospital emergency care centers are ordered chaos — a kid with a broken leg and a worried parent in one room, a ...

Make Mental Health a Cornerstone of Your Corporate Culture
01.08.2018 Clayton Chau, MD, PhD, Regional Executive Medical Director, St. Joseph Hoag Health Institute for Mental Health & Wellness

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently commemorated World Mental Health Day by focusing on mental health in the workplace. Under the banner “ Good Health is Good Business,” WHO said this: “Employment is good for our overall wellbeing—and ...

Avoiding Burnout: How to Rekindle Employee Engagement
12.11.2017 Linda P. Winston, MFT, CEAP, Employee Assistance Professional

Burnout is a serious problem in today’s workforce. Although the size of the problem varies by industry and occupation, no segment of the economy is immune to employee burnout. 46% of HR professionals say employee burnout accounts for half their annual workforce ...

Helping Employers Manage Addiction in the Workplace
11.02.2017 Marshall Moncrief, Regional Executive Director, St. Joseph Hoag Health Institute for Mental Health & Wellness

Chemical dependency disorders in the workplace are a costly and dangerous proposition for your organization and your employees. But less than half of Orange County adults who need care for mental health or substance abuse services go on to receive treatment. St. Joseph Hoag ...

Employers Can't Ignore the Opioid Epidemic Anymore
09.07.2017 Sheryl Correa, Vice President of Integrated Absence Management

It’s time to talk frankly about opioid addiction. It’s not something that happens to other people in other communities. There’s a good chance it’s affecting someone you know, whether it’s a neighbor, the law enforcement officer who patrols your ...

Caring for Your Employees' Mental Health
09.04.2017 Clayton Chau, MD, PhD, Regional Executive Medical Director Mental Health Network

Mental Health in the Workplace We spend most of our lives either at work, getting to and from work, or worrying about work at home. So, the workplace is probably the first and most important place we should be talking about mental health. Unfortunately, it is typically the ...

Mental Health Initiative Takes the Field at Angel Game
06.19.2017 St. Joseph Hoag Health

St. Joseph Hoag Health strives to make mental health part of wellness checkup for every patient St. Joseph Hoag Health is on a mission to provide resources, support and care for those suffering from mental health concerns. Recently, the network took its message of support to ...

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