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Emergency Rooms Adapt for Patients with Mental Health Needs
08.13.2018 PSJH Network

There’s a new model for hospital emergency rooms and given the pressures on the health care system it appears to have arrived just in time. Most hospital emergency care centers are ordered chaos — a kid with a broken leg and a worried parent in one room, a ...

Skip the Waiting Room with the Urgent Care Online Check-In
08.06.2018 PSJH Network

The only thing more painful than a long wait at an urgent care is, well, the injury or illness that brought you to the urgent care in the first place. This is why St. Joseph Hoag Health introduced Reserve My Spot online check-in tool for several urgent care centers ...

Revolutionary Robotic Navigation Platform for Spine Surgery Sets Hoag Apart
07.30.2018 PSJH Network

To ensure the most precise spinal surgery possible, Hoag is the first hospital on the West Coast to offer a new technology platform that combines computerized navigation with robotic surgery, increasing accuracy, reducing recovery time and improving outcomes. The ...

How Digital Health Technology Benefits Your Employees
03.26.2018 Jim Boyle, Vice President of Information Services, Analytics and Data Intelligence

Health care organizations nationwide are focused on ways to enhance digital health technology to allow consumers to take more effective control of their care and to allow caregivers to deliver even better care. At St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare, I lead an IT team that is ...

Creating a 10x Better Digital Health Care Experience
03.23.2018 St. Joseph Hoag Health

Providence St. Joseph Health is transforming legacy approaches to health care by becoming ever more patient-focused and personalized through the use of technology. Aaron Martin, Providence St. Joseph Health’s chief digital officer, previously spent nearly 10 years as a ...

The High-Performance Network: A Clinician's Perspective
03.05.2018 Robert del Junco, MD, Vice President & Senior Medical Director, Affiliated Networks

In a recent post on this blog, my colleague, John Stites, talked about “value-based” care—the foundation of the St. Joseph Hoag Health High-Performance Network: “It’s all about driving for the best possible outcome per dollar spent while also ...

We're Helping Hearts Here There and Everywhere
02.19.2018 St. Joseph Hoag Health

You depend on your heart to keep a steady beat. But sometimes hearts need help. That’s why St. Joseph Hoag Health excels in cardiology services across its hospitals. Let’s look at just a few of the outstanding programs throughout our health system. Note that some ...

Caring for Our Caregivers
01.15.2018 St. Joseph Hoag Health

St. Joseph Hoag Health offers its employees a wide variety of wellness programs, including exercise, nutrition education, stress management and more. Most are provided through our comprehensive Choose Well employee health programs. It’s our way of saying ...

Helping Employees Become Smarter Health Care Consumers
12.18.2017 Sheryl Correa, VP Total Compensation and Benefits

We hear a lot about “consumerism” in health care today—but what does it really mean? Most of your employees receive health care through company health insurance plans. And while they may be able to choose between a couple of different plans—including ...

St. Joseph Hospital Becomes First Southern California Hospital to Offer Next Generation PET/CT Technology
06.11.2017 St. Joseph Hoag Health

St. Joseph Hospital is the first hospital in Southern California and the third hospital in the United States to install the next generation PET-CT scanner. The GE Discovery TM MI PET-CT System utilizes digital detection technology, which utilizes a cutting-edge molecular ...

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