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How Digital Health Technology Benefits Your Employees
03.26.2018 Jim Boyle, Vice President of Information Services, Analytics and Data Intelligence

Health care organizations nationwide are focused on ways to enhance digital health technology to allow consumers to take more effective control of their care and to allow caregivers to deliver even better care. At St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare, I lead an IT team that is ...

Creating a 10x Better Digital Health Care Experience
03.23.2018 St. Joseph Hoag Health

Providence St. Joseph Health is transforming legacy approaches to health care by becoming ever more patient-focused and personalized through the use of technology. Aaron Martin, Providence St. Joseph Health’s chief digital officer, previously spent nearly 10 years as a ...

The High-Performance Network: A Clinician's Perspective
03.05.2018 Robert del Junco, MD, Vice President & Senior Medical Director, Affiliated Networks

In a recent post on this blog, my colleague, John Stites, talked about “value-based” care—the foundation of the St. Joseph Hoag Health High-Performance Network: “It’s all about driving for the best possible outcome per dollar spent while also ...

Better Health Care at Lower Cost? You Need a High-Performance Network
01.22.2018 John Stites, Vice President, Affiliated Networks, St. Joseph Hoag Health

The U.S. health care system is undergoing a fundamental evolution. You may have heard about the shift from “volume to value” or moving from “fee-for-service” to “pay-for-performance.” These phrases all underscore the two key drivers of ...

Avoiding Burnout: How to Rekindle Employee Engagement
12.11.2017 Linda P. Winston, MFT, CEAP, Employee Assistance Professional

Burnout is a serious problem in today’s workforce. Although the size of the problem varies by industry and occupation, no segment of the economy is immune to employee burnout. 46% of HR professionals say employee burnout accounts for half their annual workforce ...

How to Improve Performance? Try Listening
10.10.2017 Richard Afable, MD - President & CEO

As a physician and health care executive, I have always been attracted to tools and devices that enhance our ability to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes. Over the years I have gained more appreciation for a particularly simple tool – the human ear. The evidence is ...

To Build a High-Performance Organization, Start with Culture
09.18.2017 Lee Penrose, COO for Acute Care Delivery

If you want to know how well an organization is doing, look no further than its internal culture. In the ever-evolving health care field, culture is everything. At St. Joseph Hoag Health, our culture is founded on shared mission and values that inspire us to be a trusted ...

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