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St. Joseph Hospital Becomes First Southern California Hospital to Offer Next Generation PET/CT Technology

06.11.2017 St. Joseph Hoag Health

St. Joseph Hospital is the first hospital in Southern California and the third hospital in the United States to install the next generation PET-CT scanner.

The GE DiscoveryTM MI PET-CT System utilizes digital detection technology, which utilizes a cutting-edge molecular imaging technology that enables clinicians to detect cancerous lesions earlier, more precisely locate the source of seizures within the brain, more accurately diagnose neurodegenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s disease, and more confidently detect the sites of active infection in the body. In the future, this technology will be used to detect myocardial ischemia (shortage of blood supply or oxygen to the heart).

Some of the benefits of the new scanner include:

  • Improved spatial resolution (digital images)
  • Improved scan speed
  • Improved patient comfort. A scan takes 15 minutes or less, compared to other diagnostic screenings that can last about 45 minutes.
  • Reduced radiation exposure

Discovery MI was created to help clinicians achieve their primary goal of diagnosing and treating diseases earlier and to better guide their treatment strategies.

The PET-CT scanner was funded through philanthropy as a component of St. Joseph Hospital's Innovating for a Healthier Community comprehensive campaign.

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