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St. Joseph Hoag Health Opens New Wellness Corner Inside LA Fitness

07.31.2017 St. Joseph Hoag Health

Changing the way people access care outside hospital walls by serving them in the places they live, work – and now, exercise – St. Joseph Hoag Health has opened a new Wellness Corner inside LA Fitness Irvine-Crossroads.

The 1,000-square-foot facility is the first Wellness Corner in Orange County focused on muscular, joint and spinal health. This unique site offers natural, non-invasive therapies in one convenient location inside LA Fitness – including acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, bodywork and more – to promote healing, prevent injury and accelerate recovery.

“Spinal and muscular health is central to your well-being. Using natural methods, we can help rebalance, restore and revitalize your body to better health,” said Jan Carlo Zegarra, DC, lead physical medicine provider for Wellness Corner at LA Fitness-Crossroads. “Partnering with our patients and their primary care teams, our providers will work together to achieve a common goal of optimal health and healing.”

Dr. Zegarra is an expert in sports rehabilitation and performance, and has extensive experience with athletes including professionals in the NFL, NHL, MLB and UFC. Wellness Corner at LA Fitness-Crossroads is open to anyone in the community seeking to move and feel their best, with emphasis on helping athletes and weekend warriors achieve long-term performance goals and remain injury-free.

St. Joseph Hoag Health is committed to improving the health of our communities with a focus on convenience and prevention. Since 2013, St. Joseph Hoag Health has opened six Wellness Corners, including LA Fitness, throughout Orange County, with one more opening this fall. We also operate four direct-to-employer wellness centers, which are custom designed to serve a single employer, their employees and families.

“Bringing health care to the places that are most accessible influences healthy behaviors, resulting in a healthier population,” said Annette Buckel, vice president of wellness with St. Joseph Hoag Health. “Wellness Corners are a great example of population health solutions because they have helped our customers live a healthier lifestyle, including reductions in inactivity, obesity and stress. Adding physical medicine to our continuum of care makes available even more preventive services for the Orange County community. This has proven effective in optimizing health at our employer-based sites, and we are excited to introduce new services at Wellness Corner at LA Fitness-Crossroads.”

Our Wellness Corners have a simple goal—take care of the total person, body, mind and spirit. Staffed by St. Joseph Hoag Health providers, Wellness Corners offer a variety of services including, primary care, treatment of minor illnesses, lab services, nutrition and wellness coaching, flu shots and travel vaccinations, and may have physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and stress management.

To learn more about our Wellness Corners and services available for your employees, visit our website or email us at Find a Wellness Corner close to you,

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